pinktala said: The Tales or you hardcore Arts and Crafts makes me smile every time. It makes me want to sew things. :D

I have had a lifelong love affair with arts and crafts. Sewing is my biggest weakness, sadly—-mostly because I’ve never owned a sewing machine of my own, so I never learned how to use one. I can sew by hand, but making clothes or more elaborate projects are beyond me. That’s one of the main reasons why I chose Jason to cosplay—-it’s basically street clothes, so it’s simple enough for me to pull off.

My main craft addiction is my damn flamingos. I found a stash of them during my move, so I’m contemplating working on a new one.

sugarsweetmermaid said: Does dear miss Kitty currently have a significant other? O3O

Nah, I’m kind of the poster child for forever alone. I have had many brief, hilariously bad relationships, but I’m a font of issues, so. Maybe someday.

captainbasils-deactivated201305 said: Here, have a tiny bit more: Gideon was going to respond to her with something about Jason teaching him how to handle bomb wires but his mouth wasn't functioning. Suddenly his phone vibrated loudly and he quickly picking it up, throwing an uncertain smile at his younger sibling. "Hey, kid. Happy fucking Valentine's Day, no pun intended. Listen, do you remember where we put the warranty for the writing table?" Fin.

Jason by himself is bad about property damage. Breaking things is fun! Add to that the kind of people he has ~grown-up parties~ with, and you have a lot of broken furniture (and no regrets).

Poor Gideon. Which one of them is the adult in that relationship is up for debate.

captainbasils-deactivated201305 said: Gideon merely smiled again, enjoying the peace of the task momentarily before scanning the room just in case, an instinct bred into him. "Sereesly Gid'n, you're the best big broth'r in the whole wide world!" He paused the braiding, struck at her words. Not only for the weight they carried, no, but the sheer possibility they -could- exist. Mar'i turned to face him, her wide emerald eyes curious and her mouth agape before she grinned. "Don't stop now, you're better at this than Daddy Jay!"



I may have just awwed aloud. Possibly.

Oh, Gideon. I have too many feelings about you. I should not have all these feels for a glorified OC.

Thank you, Sunny ♥. I can’t wait for your Gideon and Jay fic, seriously.

captainbasils-deactivated201305 said: "It's Valentine's Day, Mar'i, and they're having...a grown-up party. No kids allowed, alright Mar'i?" Despite wishing she could clearly annunciate and pronounce the syllables that made up his name, he smiled. "Gid-e-on. Gid-eon. That's how you say it Mar." The little girl paid him no attention, merrily scrawling Batwoman's hair with a golden crayon. "S'okay, Gid'n, you don' need to worry about being bored 'cause I'm here!" (cont'd)

Grown-up party.

aloigfdjfglkdg this is too cute. Mar’i does what she wants, Gideon. You may have been raised by ninja assassins, but she is a space princess. You will not win.

captainbasils-deactivated201305 said: With delicate precision and the utmost concentration, Gideon's thin fingers worked over the cobalt strands of Mar'i's second braid, unaware of his knitted brow and tongue slightly sticking out. As the girl drew a purple-clad crimefighter on paper, crayons scattered everywhere, she wondered loudly "I don' get it Gid'n, why are we staying at Rosie's? I miss mommies and daddies." Gideon's nose wrinkled from the distraction, "It's Valentine's Day, Mar'i, and they're having...a grown-up part"(cont'd)


And yes, this is NDND!canon, and yes, Mar’i exists (because Sunny is persuasive), and yes, Kory, Jason, and Dick are getting it on while Gideon babysits.

Yes. Good.

ryospn-deactivated20140202 said: This is only semi-related, but I feel like not knowing at all what actually IS still canon with Cass and Steph is making this entire situation worse. Bad enough if, say, Steph's time as Batgirl was erased as well as her time as Robin (you talked about the possibility in your post), but to have Bruce - whose opinion about Babs becoming Batgirl shouldn't matter because it never has before imo - say something like that when that legacy might have been totally stripped from Steph...blah.

No, it’s totally related! And I would offer up a few non-necessary organs to the black market (or sacrifice them ritually? I’m not sure which would be more effective, but the point is I WOULD DO THINGS) if a Bat editor would give us even the most vague idea of where Steph and Cass are and what they’re doing. If they want to endear that portion of the readership that has been pitching completely valid fits, they should think about giving us more than a wink and a promise that if we’re good, we might get to see our two ladies again. Both of them held their own title books, so it’s not like they’re strictly secondary characters, either.

I have a stomachache from this. And I really hate that no matter how eloquently or strongly we assert our opinions, the issue is treated like we’re whining for the sake of being quarrelsome.

Anonymous said: What do you think of this Batgirl #6 mess?

Ahaha, I’d wondered if anyone would ask me to weigh in on this one. I was going to avoid saying anything, since I feel like I’m way too biased to look at this one rationally, but the more I think about it the more I feel like my bias matters.


I feel like this is a detrimental move, even if it was accidental. I strongly believe that Gail Simone did not intend for it to be read as such, but paired with the realities of female representation in the New 52’s Bat titles, it’s caused a bit of a riot. With Steph’s Robin days axed due to pesky ovaries, the representation of teenage female heroes in Gotham was lowered. The panel’s invalidation of the importance of Batgirl being a legacy title has diminished that representation even more. Yes, Babs was the first Batgirl, and yes, she was iconic, but the Batgirls who have come after her shouldn’t be swept under the rug.

This matters. This is important. It may be written off as a throwaway line in a comic book, but it’s a lot more than that.

Let’s unpack the implications built into Bruce’s statement. The quote is, “You were always meant to be Batgirl, Barbara.” I feel like I can see where Gail Simone was coming from with this—-she meant that Barbara’s determination and inability to let injustice slide would have brought her into a role like Batgirl. Contextually, it works. Kind of a muddy way of expressing that, but hey: it’s Bruce, and platitudes (no matter how awkwardly sincere) make him break out in hives. But for much of the readership, that isn’t what came through.

The implication is that Batgirl was the end goal for Babs, and that Bruce had given this his blessing—-and holy cats, is that loaded with problems and I’m getting flustered just trying to grapple with it. Time for a list.

1. This means that Batgirl, in Bruce’s eyes, is a superior title than Oracle. It reduces her achievements into a transitory state that isn’t worth acknowledging. The ableism in that is unreal. I won’t get into the debate of whether or not that implied statement is true (it’s not; debate over), but it devalues Oracle’s worth.
1.5. PS, I don’t love that Batgirl is who she is meant to be. She’s in her twenties. Calling her a girl is demeaning, but understandable from an editorial point of view. Kate’s already got the Batwoman title, and goodness knows that nobody wants to fight her for it. I know, I know; reading too far into that one, but it irks me, so I felt like mentioning it.

2. There’s this weird overtone that Bruce has always meant for her to have the mantle, and that she should be happy to have his approval now. Frankly? Fuck that. She never needed his approval, and did the right thing in spite of the disapproval of the overbearing male authority figure. The best thing about the Batgirl legacy is that it IS removed from the other Bats and Robins. The sexism in the Batfamily (and if you try to tell me there is no sexism in the Batfam, I will promptly laugh myself sick) has been a wall that the Batgirls have had to scale. I’ve always felt that this is realistic, and that it says something great about the women who wear the Bat on their chest: everyone is telling them to sit down, and they’re choosing to fight. That endurance and dedication and passion for what’s right is beautiful. The Batgirl mantle has never been Bruce’s to give. There’s this wonderful matriarchal aspect to it that is, unfortunately, gone.

3. Because all of the Batgirls are gone. Even if the Bat editors have created a loophole for them, that loophole is only big enough for Cass—-and even that is debatable. On top of that, the uniquely female relationships built into the Batgirl legacy have been distorted: Cass is the same age as Jason, which means there’s only a couple of years between Babs and Cass. The mentor/student mother/daughter relationship just won’t read the same way. And since Steph’s entire history has been wiped (something that I discussed already at length), the events that brought her to Batgirl have disappeared. Even though Bruce asked her to do it, Cass gave Steph the cowl as a sister and a friend who saw that she needed it. That’s a beautiful legacy. That’s an important legacy, because it’s emphasizing the relationships between women. BQM addressed this in one panel in the last issue of his Batgirl run by showing us a future where Nell, an African American girl, became the next Batgirl—-with Steph’s support and blessing.

4. Even if they do exist, they don’t matter. They were keeping the cowl warm for Babs, apparently. Their fights and victories and failures have instantly been invalidated, because Batgirl is all about Babs. We can have FOUR Robins who LOOK THE SAME, but we can’t have more than one Batgirl—-though they are radically different from one another. Because that’s just plumb confusing! If you’re not an upper middle class white girl, good luck finding representation in the streets of Gotham.

Ugh. I’m sorry. I’m getting bitter, and I shouldn’t let myself do that. But seriously, this is a big deal. How many teenage girl heroes are in Gotham—-especially ones with the autonomy that both Cass and Steph had, pre-reboot? What about the disabled readers, the POCs, and the abuse survivors who are looking for their heroes? I’d like to know, because I’m one of them.

God, I hope they have something planned for the girls that makes this hurt less. I want to believe that they’re going to give us something that will make me go geeze, I feel terrible about being so critical! I WANT to eat my words, DC. I WANT this to be something that the writers address, and not a continual “they’ll play a part eventually”.

Anonymous asked you:
I didn’t know that piebald streaks were real things!! I thought it was just something the comics made up. It makes total sense to me though, if it can be trauma induced. Your headcanon is now mine, that he dyes it to hide it

Poliosis seems to be a more accurate term for it, but yes! One of my very close friends growing up was born with it. He had very dark brown hair with a broad pale streak running through it, and I thought it was just about the coolest thing ever. That might explain my fondness for Jason’s hair, now that I think about it.

Anonymous asked you:
I really think you should give us real life photos of the Bat’s/Robin’s hair, because I just need some more Kitty Hair Talk. I think I died from the last hair talk, but alas, I am addicted to your personal canons of the Robin’s/Bat’s.

Apparently, I have oodles to say about hair. I may take the time to find some relevant pictures, but it’d be kind of hard. I mean, the problem with headcanon for fictional characters is that it is pretty specific. I might get lost in the depths of google, and who know if I’ll find my way out again with anything near decent visual representation. I’m glad that you enjoy my lengthy Bat-babbles. I probably put a little TOO much time into them, but whatever. I enjoy it!

Anonymous asked you:
my internet knowledge seems to be missing something, what does “GPOY” mean?

Gratuitous Picture of Yourself. It started as an acronym for people who did indeed post pictures of themselves, but it’s come to be associated with pictures that sum up what you are feeling/thinking/etc. I’ve used it properly once, but for the most part I use the second definition of GPOY. And I usually use it when I post cat macros. Because cat macros accurately describe my soul.

Anonymous asked you:
In NDND bad end, will Damian decide in some way to form a connection with Steph’s first daughter? Or they will never met?

Oh, geeze. You know, I’d never really thought about it, but things could play out somewhat similarly. I think that seeing Joy would crush the soul he doesn’t have anymore, because she resembles Steph so much. It’d be a sticky mess of feelings for him, because on the one hand it’d be painful to even look at her, but on the other hand she is the only thing that Steph left behind. That’d be a whole welter of complicated feelings, and may have even prompted his decision to “kill” his Damian Wayne public persona. I don’t think there’s any way for him to interact with her in the bad!end that wouldn’t be desperate and creepy and soul-sick and inescapably sad.

Anonymous asked you:
Was the little crowbar on crow-bat real? And if so, did Laila ever accidentally use it on someone when she’d been watching too many scary movies or some thing? (for lack of a closer or more effective weapon)

No, it wasn’t a real crowbar. Since Damian has a skewed idea of what is and isn’t appropriate for kids to play with (most kids have boxes of Legos, but D had a vast collection of knives), Steph makes most of the baby-related executive decisions. While Laila does have superior fine motor skills from an early age—-thank you, stupidly awesome genetics!—-she isn’t allowed to handle weaponry unsupervised until she is well into her Robin training.

It’s difficult to keep her out of trouble when her adult role models are such a special bunch. Father gives Uncle Jay pat-down searches for knives when he comes for family gatherings, and Uncle Dick has a bad habit of doing flips and shit with scissors. It’s hard to tell your kid not to run with scissors or swear when their favorite people are Dick “What Is Self-Preservation” Grayson and Jason “Why Don’t You Just Get Out The Rubber Gloves and Give Me a Real Fucking Search” Todd.

Anonymous asked you:
dear Kitty, you are a flawless person. keep writing forever.

Yeah, I don’t think I’m going to be deleting this message for a while. Some messages live in my inbox so that on bad days, I have reminders that I’m not an overall failure at life. Thank you, anon c:

Anonymous said: Hi Kitty! What do you usually listen to when you write?

I listen to a ton of music. I find it particularly inspiring, and I have a hell of a time working in complete silence. What I listen to when I write varies. I have a habit of compiling playlists for the characters I write often—-both music that reminds me of them, and music that I think they’d personally enjoy. If there’s a certain song that really hits the tone I’m trying to match, I’ll usually listen to it on repeat. I’ve found that when I listen to a song over and over like that, I stop hearing the words, and it becomes background noise that mirrors the feel I’m trying to get across. If I’m writing a scene that’s dialogue-heavy, though, I tend to switch to instrumental stuff. My taste is pretty wide, so I listen to a little bit of everything. I don’t really care for modern country, hard rap, or most music where I feel like the lead singer is yelling at me. Dirty rotten hipster that I am, I like indie rock more than I should. Dubstep has been trickling into my music library lately, but cockrock will probably always be my go-to for loud, energizing stuff.

Anonymous said: I find it kind of funny that their are so many stories about post good!end to NDND and yet i cant seem to find anything written for post bad!end. Not to pile on your write pile, but i personally would love to read about Terry meeting Damian, and growing into becoming Batman, and helping Damian find a little peace after all the horrible losses. plus it would be hilarious/tragic to see Terrys thoughts on that crazy Wayne man, and then eventually finding out about Steph and what happened to her.

This is something that I WANT to write. God, I want to write this, especially in the context of Gideon’s fate in both ends. It’s just…I know I will make myself ugly cry if I try to tackle that. I’ve shied away from writing the bad!end, just because it is so grim. Terry has trouble with Damian at first, because D hasn’t had much along the lines of human interaction for a while. When Terry comes into his life, he has basically become a crazy cat lady—-except instead of a lady, he’s the Batman, and the cat isn’t actually a cat. Regardless, he’s pretty goshdarn nuts.

Terry gets to know Steph before he knows WHO she is. He finds her files and reads them when he doesn’t think Catlady Batman (or his crazy cat) will breathe down his neck. When he finds out who she was, it breaks his heart a little. Terry is loyal to his mentor until his death. That’s just the way that Terry is.

Anonymous said: Kitty, have you ever read anything with Wonder Woman in it? And what do you think of a Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman relationship?

I have not read much Wondy. I apologize if I sound like a broken record, but I’ve been reading DC for only a bit over six months. There is a lot of canon that I have yet to catch up on, but I’m trying, anon! I ship the hell out of the Trinity, because Diana will top the hell out of both of them—-and because Diana and Clark would hold Bruce tenderly and keep him from batvanishing out of bed. It’s difficult to escape a super-spooning.

I just want everyone to get hugs and be happy. What the hell am I even doing in the Batman fandom.

Anonymous said: Just wanted to say, im really excited for your Tim/Steph fic! I still have a copy of the first young justice volume, and Tim was so great back then. I love to reread it and see all the wacky hijinks. He was the Robin i knew as a kid, and i really dont like how they changed him into such a dark, broody guy. I also really love your headcannon for Tim! Anyway, im rambling, but i guess the point of this was that im really excited to see what you write with them!

Oh gosh, I’m having a LOT of fun with this one. Tim/Steph was my first DC pairing, so it’s like…super nostalgic to be writing them from that period where Tim was an adorable little nerdface and silly, awkward kinds of in love with the world at large. This fic is basically ALL OF THE TIM HEADCANON, which is super fun to play with. I’m going to try to keep this one semi-contained, but I have a feeling that it will spill into a larger universe just because of how profoundly it’ll change Tim.

And because their daughter will have a future as a Robin herself c:

Anonymous said: oh my goD what happens with the lions DOES HE TAKE THEM TO THE MANOR

Aren’t the lions just great? I couldn’t get the image of teenage!Damian flopped over a pair of lions and watching television like it’s ~not a big deal or anything~ out of my head, so in the far-flung future in 9 Crimes, he has cats. Big cats. They’re nomadic through Damian’s teens, but when they finally do settle down, the lions live in the same compound. At that point in his life, Damian is the League boss, so if he wants to have a fauxhawk, two partners, and pet lions, people just kind of let him do it.