They cleared the place out in short order. Damian wasted no time in cutting the ziptie from around Laila’s wrists. She arched on her tiptoes and wrapped her arms around his neck. He picked her up, holding her close, and managed to start breathing evenly again. Laila kissed as much of his un-mask-covered face as she could.

Dick crouched beside one of the men, pulling his head up by his greasy hair.

"So, buddy, let me tell you where it all went wrong," he said, his tone purely conversational.

From You Shouldn’t Be Mean to Girls, requested by anon.

To the surprise of no one, Batdads are one of my favorite things. So when someone prompted me to write a kidnapping switcheroo featuring Uncle Dick and Batdad!Damian, I went for it. If I remember correctly, this was one of the first good!end drabbles that I wrote. I was still working up the courage to write Dick in substantial chunks, haha.

I’m still fond of the mental image of Damian knocking out all the threats JUST so he doesn’t have to worry about secret identities when he picks up his daughter. He’s a young father, and his parents didn’t exactly give him a brilliant example to follow, but he tries. Damian spends more time terrified than he’ll ever admit. Chipping Laila was one of his more reasonable reactions to falling desperately in love with a frail, helpless thing in a diaper that kind of looked like him. Before Laila, the people Damian cared about could take care of themselves, by and large. He took solace in the hypothetical fight that they would put up on their own if faced with a dangerous situation. But with Laila, Damian was faced with the horrible knowledge that if something happened when he wasn’t there, she would not be able to protect herself. He could begin teaching her to fight as soon as she was coordinated enough, but that would mean starting her hand-to-hand combat training on the same timeline that his mother had put him on. Trying to figure out what it means to be a good father drives him a little bit nuts, but it’s good for his soul.

And Dick does his best not to make noises, but he has a visceral reaction to paternal bat-hugs, okay. The fact that it’s Damian in the cowl makes it even better. Dick likes it when Damian hugs things.