skeletonburd said: Let's have a really intense game of rock, paper, scissors. If you lose you're waking up in a pool

My Questions and Concerns

  • Will we be using the USARPS rules, or the international standardized rules?
  • Will this be a pool of water?
  • Or will this be a pool of blood??
  • Specifically, will this be my blood?
  • Will I be missing one or more vital internal organs?
  • hold up, is it a Jell-O pool?
  • is the pool a kiddie pool or a wading pool or an olympic pool (and if so, is it in meters or yards???)
  • Going back to the internal organs—-I doubt the black market wants mine. Just so you know. Some of my parts are slightly defective, and I’d hate to give someone a lemon of an organ.
  • Do you really think you’re ready for the intensity of this game of rock, paper, scissors? Because I don’t know if there is any way to be ready for the level of broughtness that I bring when I bring it.