Hiruko sends me the best emails/texts, pretty much in the history of ever. I have to share a portion of the email she sent me yesterday, because I feel like tumblr will appreciate this as much as I did. I was tempted to post the entire email, since it’s a beautiful rant on Miller!Batman, but I only asked her permission to post the Jason bits, SO.

Jason, though, actually understands intersectionality? Like I feel like him using a full face mask was not just because he didn’t want his secret ID out. It’s androgyny. Under the mask he could be ANYONE. He could be black or white or latino or asian, he could be rich or poor, he could be gay or trans, he could even be a crossdressing woman. No one KNOWS. How useful must that androgyny have been in making bonds with people? How much safer must POC felt around him? He gets that he has to be seen as relatable and not a dangerous, abusive authority, which, let’s be real, a lot of incarnations of Batman, ESPECIALLY MILLER!BATS, would be seen as. I also feel like his conception of due process would be WAY WAY DIFFERENT than it’s been so far. Because let’s be real, due process doesn’t always happen. Justice is great in theory but look at the number of rapists who ever actually spend a day in prison (1 in 16 I think). Plus the universe functions in a way that supervillians NEVER suffer punishment, at least not permanently. Also the bat universe’s treatment of nueroatypical people is… really fucked up. I mean I can’t think of a “crazy” person in batman who isn’t a villain, even though those with mental illnesses are WAY MORE LIKELY to be exploited than to hurt someone else. I don’t think Jason would have necessarily been ADORED by the average Gotham citizen, but I think he’d be more popular than Batman.

[…] in my brain Jason is way more of a strategically violent activist and is awesome. Here is what his schedule looks like on an average day:

2:00 pm: Finally wake up. Take a shower, do some warm ups and a work out so he’ll be limber for the day ahead.

2:30: breakfast/lunch at a local diner. It used to be owned by a guy who exploited undocumented workers and poor people who worked for him- made them work overtime without compensation, messed with their pay, didn’t pay minimum wage, threatened his workers with being fired to keep them in line ect. Jason found out, broke both the owner’s legs, and scared him into selling Jason the restaurant through a shell company. Now all the workers get paid a living wage and Jason pays for health insurance, and everyone gets two days off a week. He also pays for hungry people in the neighborhood to eat there for free, and when he eats there he always flirts with the middle aged waitresses to flatter them and tips big. There’s a coalition of grannies who frequent the diner who LOVE Jason to death and who always tell him he’s too skinny and try to talk him into dating their granddaughters (and in Ms. Chavez’s case her grandson Emilio).

3:30: Swing by a local community center Jason donates to frequently to play games with the kids there.

4:00: leave the center and spends about an hour and a half looking for guys who catcall and harrass women from cars. When he finds one, he jumps on the roof of their car, punches through the windshield, makes the driver pull over, slashes all four tires, takes a picture of the catcallers’s faces with a cellphone and then tells them that the next time he catches them pulling that shit he’ll cut off their balls and cut out their tongues. He has to switch neighborhoods about every two months because eventually people figure out not to catcall women in that area.

5:30: Have dinner and talk with his lackeys about how stuff in the drug dealing business is going and lay out plans.

8:00: Swing by an Interfaith gym where he does another light work out and teaches a self defense class. (In my secret heart of hearts he also encourages an all hijabi boxing league called the TerrorFists)

10:00: More handling shit as the Red Hood.

1:30 am: talks to a group of prostitutes about an underground health clinic he funds- it provides check ups, birth control, hormones for trans* people, retrovirals, and addiction treatments and other specialized treatments for poor people. For his trouble he gets the name of a cop who likes to beat up hookers.

2:30 am: taking care of the cop who likes to beat up hookers

3:00 am: He blows up a set of apartment buildings that are the first step in gentrifying a poor neighborhood with mostly black residents. Poison Ivy then helps him plant a community garden on the grounds. The place is ringed by vines that are sentient enough to strangle anyone who comes into the garden to wreck it.

4:00 am: The bars are closing. He goes to one where a transwoman works as a bartender and she gives him a free drink or two and then he walks her home to make sure she gets there safe.

4:45 am: heads to a sexual abuse crisis center. He drops some more money to help get rape kits tested and in return is given a list of names of repeat offenders. Other nights he goes to a woman’s shelter instead, looking for the names of abusers.

5:30 am: shoots some people

6 am: home to bed.