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It’s an RP crackship, and I love it an embarrassing amount. I played Pepper at a game that didn’t have a Tony at first. Bruce hired her as his secretary, not knowing that Pepper has an extensive history with playboy billionaires who moonlight as superheroes. Pepper is used to more or less running Tony’s life, so she doesn’t recognize the boundaries that most secretaries would. Over the course of six months, she noticed inconsistencies in both Bruce’s personality (he tried to play the playboy alcoholic angle, and she was just like YOU BIG FAKEY FAKE I KNOW WHAT A REAL PLAYBOY ALCOHOLIC ACTS LIKE AND I HAVE THE EMOTIONAL SCARRING TO PROVE IT) and the way funds traveled in and out of Wayne Enterprises. She did her own detective work, tracking down and exposing the shell companies that Bruce was using to divert funds and materials into making a new Batcave. For a while, she feared that she was working for a bad guy. She confronted him, and Bruce pulled a Bruce and told her that she was both overstepping her bounds and imagining things. Pepper knew that she was right, so she quit—-she wouldn’t work for someone she can’t trust. She gathered up the stuff from home that belonged to the company and brought it to Bruce’s condo with every intention of apologizing for flying off the handle at him. The door was open, but he wasn’t there. The longer that Pepper stood in his living room thinking about what a JERK he’d been to her, the angrier she got. So she had a temper tantrum (because HOW DARE HE imply that she was unprofessional and delusional) and threw the paperweight that he’d given her at the wall (because FUCK YOU BRUCE WAYNE AND FUCK THIS SNOWGLOBE SHE DOESN’T EVEN LIKE SNOWGLOBES). It hit the trigger that opened the panel into the secret Bat room. Naturally, Bruce was in there on the computer, dressed in his Batman costume. And Pepper was like


this explains a lot.

Bruce gave her the icy Bat shoulder for weeks, completely ignoring her, but she bought him in a charity auction so that he was morally obligated to give her the time of day. She made him cook dinner, and since he is completely incapable of even boiling water, it was a distaster. Pepper realized that he REALLY WAS human, and so she started working for him again. Since she canonically has a stint where she was basically a knockoff Oracle (she was the computer support/tactical leader for a group of heroes, using the codename Hera), she was Bruce’s ground support from then on out. She took care of him, and was the boss of him, and it was really cute and great :c

CROSSOVERS. My greatest weakness.