maidenmarvel asked: Kitty, I can’t remember if you have ever done this, but I wish to know which House you believe each of the Batfam (including Laila, Terry, and the Battwins) belongs in. Please and thank you. PS. I love everything you post so please don’t stop being so flawless.

I lost a row with insomnia last night (what else is new?), so I decided to be a thorough geek. Using three different Sorting Hat quizzes (I liked this one especially), I took the tests with each character in mind.

Bruce: Gryffindor

Dick: Hufflepuff

Babs: Ravenclaw

Jason: Gryffindor

Tim: Ravenclaw

Steph: Hufflepuff

Cass: Hufflepuff

Damian: Slytherin

Laila: Ravenclaw

Terry: Gryffindor

Ari: Slytherin

Leo: Gryffindor

Alfred: Hufflepuff. But you’d better believe he’s the Headmaster.

wonderlandleighleigh asked: I, recently, have all the Captain America feels. This is new for me. And I’m gonna sit around and read your penpal adventures, and think about Steph and Steve hanging out and being bro’s. I just thought you should know.

oh GEEZE, the Penpal Adventures are my biggest self-indulgent project. I have been wanting to do another one, but I haven’t had any ideas. I think that after Steph’s letter, Steve probably started talking to Steph as a way to check up on Damian. I doubt that Damian will be allowed around the Young Avengers again after making Teddy cry, but Steve would still invite Steph and Damian to visit. The Penpal Adventures is just my “everything is crossovers and cats and nothing hurts” universe. I wish that more people were familiar with Secret Warriors, so that I could gush about my scary tiny boyfriends ship more.

Anonymous asked: what are your thoughts on harley/ivy?

OTP. Harley and Ivy were my very first f/f ship. Ivy was kind of my formative years crush, really. I religiously watched B:tAS when it first aired, and younger me was fascinated by Harley and Ivy’s dynamic. I knew that they were more than friends in my head, but I was so sheltered/removed from any talk of sexuality, I didn’t even know what that meant. Basically, I shipped them before I knew what shipping was. They’re one of the only pairings where I have real difficulty pairing them with anyone else. They’re completely canon, as far as I’m concerned.

Anonymous asked: do you ship bruce with anyone? specifically, do you ship bat/cat? and if so, how do you think catwoman would fit into the batfamily?

It’s hard for me to ship Bruce with anyone, because he ships himself with Justice so damn hard. My three main ships for him are Talia/Bruce, Selina/Bruce, and Pepper Potts/Bruce (I do what I want). I do ship Bat/Cat, but I’m picky about my Selina characterization. When she’s tamed down or written as a stock femme fatale, the dynamic just isn’t there for me. I like domme!Selina, and as masochistic as he is, I think that Bruce does, too. If I wrote them, it’d be like 98% kink. I don’t think that Selina would fit neatly into the Batfam as a mother figure, because she’s a stray that roams. Still, I feel like her ferocious momma bear side—-which delights me whenever it comes up—-would kick in if Bruce LET her be more a part of the family. They’re both fiercely proud individuals, and it’s definitely shaped their dynamic.