damnsmartblueboxes asked: Stephanie Brown all the way! You have all the energy and awesomeness!

I wish I had as much energy as Steph does! Honestly, I’m more of a Tim that has grand aspirations and dreams of someday being as awesome as Steph.

twelveregenerations asked: You’re your own fictional character because nobody can match the glitter in your soul. :)

I’m trying to wrap my mind around being my own fictional character, and the logic is getting very Inception-y. But I still like this answer!

wonderarity asked: I’m pretty sure you’d be Steph and Jay’s love child. Because you’re like Steph and erm hello, your Jason cosplay? Uhhh yeah.


…if Steph and Jason ever had a child, it would definitely have to be the sixth Robin. I mean, that’s what happens when you put the second and fourth Robins together. It’s math.

justlefty asked: Hi. You don’t know me, but I’ve been following you (in a non-creepy-stalker way) and have read almost of your stories (still have more to read and less time to do so) because they’re utterly brilliant and fun and just creates this warm ball of sunshine in my chest. But that’s not the point to this. I’m here to answer your meme. You would be Stephanie Brown. Because she never ever gives up and neither do you. That and your witty lines are just the highlight of everyone’s day.

I’M SEEING AN EXCEPTIONALLY FLATTERING PATTERN HERE. And I do know you, in that singularly semi-awkward internet way where you become familiar with someone’s username because they like all of your posts and yet they never say anything so you just sigh longingly at your screen and wonder why they won’t let you love them (that’s a thing, right? That’s totally a thing). So hi!