elrincondekaisermilan asked: Kitty, I have to ask, Do you work? part time or full time?

At the moment, I’m a full-time student. I should be graduating soon, which is nice, in a fucking-paralyzed-by-fear kind of way. I’ve been trying to find a decent job for the better part of a year without any luck, so I’m pretty legitimately terrified of living in a bedazzled box in a gutter. It’s one of the main reasons that I’ve been throwing myself into getting some original stuff written. I know that the likelihood of being able to support myself on my writing is next to nil, but I won’t know until I try.

Anonymous asked: Kitty, when I’m writing, whenever I use the word quip or quipped I think of you.

Quip is a marvelous word, so I am proud to be associated with it. (I do that myself, too!)

Anonymous asked: By the way, your nail polish always looks great.

Thank you! It’s funny—-painting my nails started as an anxiety-relieving ritual. The fact that I have a different polish color basically every day should tell you how my anxiety levels function. I’ve gotten good at painting my nails.

girl-w0nder asked: everytime i listen to cosmic love by florence and the machine i think of NDND. i regret nothing

Aww, people have the nicest associations! I think that if Ceremonials had been out, I would’ve named NDND after No Light, No Light. Cosmic Love will always be one of my very favorite Florence songs, I think c:

wonderarity asked: Tag, you’re it! Here are the rules: Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves. You have to choose and tag ten people. Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them.

I’m choosing not to tag anyone, because idefk who I’d tag. But!

  • Purple was my favorite color long before Steph came into my life. I have green eyes, so purple makeup really looks good on me. I may have a thing for characters who have a thing for purple. Looking at you, Clint and Steph. Looking at you.
  • I have quite a few scars. I was in an accident when I was ten that took most of the skin off my left forearm—-second and third degree friction burns. I also have a large scar on my shoulder that I’m kind of fond of. It’s not pretty, but the tissue is very smooth and it turns colors when I’m cold. When I taught swim lessons, the kids would ask me how I’d gotten it. Since they wouldn’t understand the whole I-had-to-have-semi-cancerous-tissue-removed thing, I’d have them tell me how I’d gotten it. My favorite was the little boy who said that it was a bullet wound that I’d gotten when I was saving kittens that had been stuck up a tree and attacked by terrorists.
  • Raccoons scare me. It’s their tiny people hands. And the fact that a band of raccoons tried to eat me when I was four.
  • I really did think I was a Disney Princess as a kid. I befriended mice with tater tots. Turns out that parents don’t react well when they find out that you have woodland creatures in your room.
  • I don’t want to be famous. I don’t know if I could handle it. I just want to be able to write stories that people enjoy, and to support myself while doing it.
  • I have bambakophobia. Google it. Laugh.
  • Because of that, I have to open pill bottles with a fork. I can’t touch the cotton.
  • I read a lot of nonfiction, especially cryptozoology, mythology, abnormal psychology, and forensic criminology.
  • My life goal is to have a fandom.
  • My dream job would be to write DCU or Marvel novels.