Top Five Floppies

(asked by frozen-water-droplet)

  1. Captain America v5 #7 
  2. Young Allies Comics #1
  3. Batgirl #17
  4. Detective Comics #854
  5. Detective Comics #859

Top Five Dead Sidekicks

(asked by mindgoggling)

  1. J. Bucky Barnes
  2. Tom Raymond
  3. Stephanie Brown
  4. Jason Todd
  5. Rikki Barnes

Top Five Desserts

(asked by starkexpos)

  1. Creme brulé
  2. Ice cream
  3. Sweet bread
  4. Flan
  5. Brownies

Top Five Things I’ve Written

(asked by anonymous)

  1. NDND, specifically Part Three and Part Seven
  2. WWBGD OR Clementia OR Adventures in the Elevator of Despair (I CAN’T DECIDE, AND I ALSO CAN’T COUNT)
  3. Take the Heat Out of Me, specifically Part Three
  4. You Left Me in the Dark, specifically Part Two
  5. Shake Your Tailfeathers, specifically Part Two