monkkeyslut said: KITTY YOU MADE FIC WITH ROSIE IN IT YAY! AND GIDEON! Now I need RosieGideon headcanons if you don't mind. If you do then just keep writing Jason Rosie times and I'll cry tears of joy

Rosie and Gideon are going to play a surprisingly large role in that fic. Surprising, I guess, because I didn’t think I’d use them at all. But I decided that I do what I want. Most people seem to enjoy my pseudo-OCs, so what the heck. Gideon is even more prickly than Damian, if you can imagine such a thing—-Damian got positive social interaction from age ten on, but Gideon did not. His sense of self and individuality is massively screwed up. He’d accepted that he only lived to someday be Ra’s vessel, and if Talia hadn’t shoved him out of the nest in a bid to save him, that would’ve been curtains for him. He didn’t rebel until his mother showed him that his life had worth, and then he didn’t know WHAT to do with himself. Even when he was adopted into the family, he was held at a distance. Jason’s kind of eternally on the outskirts, and Gideon is even a little further away from full acceptance than he is.

But Rosie spent half her time with Jason, and it was nearly impossible for Gideon to get away from her. If the Lion King is Steph and Damian’s Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast is Rosie and Gideon’s. Gideon’s social gracelessness, aggression, and ferocious temper reminded her of the Beast—-especially since he quieted around her, and once in a while made shockingly kind gestures. She decided that he was the Beast, and that she was the pretty magical rose that he protected so jealously. Jason was unsettled that she’d labeled herself the wilting, dying flower, and he tried to convince her that it wasn’t a good analogy. Rosie promptly explained that Belle was the flower after the petals all fell off—-a very zen point of view, probably straight from Mama Pam—-and the Beast only THOUGHT that his rose was the flower. He should have realized that his daughter would end up with lots of flora-related feelings.

The adults had trouble adjusting to Gideon, but the kids didn’t. They dragged him into their games and bullied him into having a late childhood. Rosie spearheaded this, because she is loud and bossy and if you don’t want to go along with her plans, you’d best be ready to fight her. Since Gideon LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE HER FATHER, Laila agreed that Gideon was One of Them—-and if Laila and Rosie were in agreement on anything, everyone else just kind of had to accept it and deal. Gideon’s really good with the kids. Gideon displays some characteristics of being on the autism spectrum—-not something that I’m really going to get into, but it’s worth noting. He gravitated towards the kids because he understood them better than the adults, and because Rosie dragged him along with her. Honestly, that’s probably why the adults finally relaxed. They may have seen him as a vicious, emotionally stunted weapon when he was on his own, but it was difficult to keep up that view of the boy when their children followed him around like a bunch of ducklings.