robowolves said: ps: "White Tiers" i laughed way too hard on a train when i got this

The majority of Susie’s income is generated by demanding bridezillas, so it’s an apt name. They tend to learn VERY quickly that it’s not a smart idea to push Susie’s buttons. Corbin and Susie’s friendship was based on their similarities, so you can probably imagine how little BS she tolerates. They were the original posterverse mean girls, basically.

hamstergal said: Hey Kitty! I don't know whether this info is elsewhere, but will there be a print copy available of the Timely Tales at some point? I have a special spot on my bookcase all ready for it just in case!

Yes!! I’m going to be opening up preorders soon. I had to split the first volume into two six-issue anthologies, as it’d be WELL over 600 pages otherwise. (Oops.) Both will have bonus issues included as well c:

robowolves said: SO IS PHOEBE'S DAD A GHOST

Let’s just say that her father is very active and mobile for a dead guy.

I made myself a fancy-ass lemonade with hand-muddled lemons and lavender simple syrup. I said to myself hey, you know what would make this needlessly complicated and delicious drink even better? Vodka.

As it turns out, I was totally 1000% right.

spicetiger said: I apologize if this has been asked already (and if it has or it puts undue pressure on you, please feel free to ignore it), but may I ask if there is a sequel planned for Origins? Thank you for your time!

Definitely. Retcons will be the follow-up to Origins, and it will be my focus as soon as the first round of Timely Tales have wrapped (re: very soon). 

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unprofessionalamber said: Hello! I was just reading through the Secret Files (I'm a new patreon backer!), and noticed that some information has different clearance levels. I was wondering -- what clearance level are the files that we're reading? Thanks!

Good question! The clearance levels vary by file, which will be easier to see when the information is all polished up and translated from its current plain text form. Generally speaking, the files are only accessible to BPHA employees and/or Maillardet’s faculty members, but there are some that are barred from all but a highly select few. As mentioned both in Origins and Castling, Mal’s file was sealed from even his third block partner and second block mentor/father. 

asleeponabench said: is it okay to message you for writing advice?

It is! I can’t always promise to answer it immediately, but I will do my best to get to it!


Natsucon 2014: June Hovick version!

Finaly, my long avaited (by like 3 people) June cosplay! June was soo much fun to do for so many reasons but mostly because she’s just perfect :D

June Hovick/The Posterchildren belongs to Kitty Burroughs, photos taken by Blizzy


Okay chumps, it’s time to talk about your new favorite thing. It’s called The Posterchildren.

What’s TPC, other than your next obsession?? It’s a YA book series written by independent author and all around lovely human being Kitty Burroughs, aka quipquipquip here on Tumblr. What’s it about? Good question! TPC follows a group of teenagers with posterpowers (superpowers for the nerds in the gallery) who attend a superhero finishing school and try not to fuck it up too much. It’s as amazing as it sounds.

But wait, there’s more! Show of hands, who here is tired that superhero = straight white guy? Yeah, me too. No worries, TPC has got you covered - you’ve got LGBTQ+ characters, ladies, characters of color, all with unique, amazing voices and engrossing stories.

TPC consists of so far one novel - the Posterchildren: Origins, as well as a series of short stories called the Timely Tales of the Posthumans, which are expansions of some of the background characters from Origins and really paint a complete, full picture of the Posterverse, so I highly recommend grabbing those as well. They are all for sale here and here, and if you want a hard copy of the book, here as well. Ms. Burroughs is constantly publishing new content, with a new Timely Tale slotted for release sometimes soon, and the sequel to Origins, Retcon, coming this fall!

It’s really gotten to be one of my favorite series and everyone I’ve recommended it to has also really enjoyed it, so go ahead and make yourself happy, support your independent authors, pick up a great new book, and when you’re done, come back and talk to me about it bc I could go on forever on the subject. Now go, I know all you’re doing rn is rewatching an episode you’ve already seen 4 times. It’ll keep.


I saw this post a little while ago, and like a couple of other people, I immediately wondered how TPC would measure up, given that Kitty is the Queen of TL;DR. Thus, below I have compiled a list of the wordcounts of everything that Kitty has published for TPC so far, including Patreon updates and the information posts that she wrote before Origins came out, and have calculated how many novels it is equal to in total. I have used 80,000 words as my benchmark for ‘novel length’, as that is in the middle of the range of values given for a hard cover novel

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more people need to appreciate dovekies






this has been a dovekie appreciation post

#it’s like a penguin crossed with a fat swallow

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I just realized that my Kim K avatar is basically Cat


didn’t even mean to do that oops

I just realized that my Kim K avatar is basically Cat


didn’t even mean to do that oops

wispofwillow said: So, not sure what got me wondering this (aside from Posterkid awesomeness in general) - but, do Ernest and Jack ever have a bonding sort of moment over grandpa sweaters and cardigans/'old-fashioned' wear?

They certainly do. Jack and Ernest get along well, which is probably a good thing, since Rosario sees “‘Nesto” as her little brother. They have a grandpa sweater solidarity thing going on. Jack likes sweaters/cardigans because his skinny ass needs the extra warmth (and also because he has trouble handling all of the changes the present forces him to deal with, sometimes), and Ernest likes that he finally has someone to point to whenever June gets on his case about his wardrobe choices (and also because he is still getting used to the way he fits in his own skin, now). Ernest always seems genuinely interested in hearing about Jack’s life before the war, and he never laughs at how ~backward~ and ~primitive~ life was back then. Jack appreciates what a good listener he is— tbh, his comfort level with Ernest is second only to Roz.

I don’t like to be That Person, but please don’t repost or distribute TPC files. I didn’t pick up a second job because I have all this free time I don’t know what to do with. I want to be able to release new content regularly, but I can’t do that if I’m unable to support myself.



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